GL-6Hs thickness gauge with HOLD function / LCD backlight

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The GL-6Hs Thickness Gauge is used to measure the thickness of the lacquer coating applied to a car plate made of steel, galvanized steel or aluminum. It has a measuring probe placed on the cable. In addition, this allows adaptation to other metals. The measurement is displayed on a large LCD display that can be read in 2 lines of 8 characters. The maximum resolution of the measurement is 1 μm and the measuring range is 0 μm to 1100 μm. Has a HOLD function (measurement freeze). The built-in memory of 100 measurements allows you to freely view the measurements after the measurements. The memory is not erased when the camera is turned off or the battery is removed.

A useful measurement function has been applied to the selected reference point (see description below for specifications). The meter has a battery status indicator. The unit has an integrated display backlight, making it easier to take measurements in dark rooms (eg in the garage). The counter is used from the main MENU: MEASUREMENT, MATERIAL, MEMORY, REFERENCE POINT, OFF, DELETE MEASUREMENT, ZERO, RESOLUTION, HOLD. Functions are selected with a yellow button, while red is confirmed by the selected function and "enter" in the MENU. The operation of the meter is very intuitive. The device is entirely made in Poland.

- Measurement on steel, galvanized steel, aluminum sheets and the possibility of adaptation to other types (such as copper)
- Measuring probe on the cable
- Measure relative to the selected reference point
- Measurement resolution: 1μm or 10μm (selection in the menu)
- Measuring range (paint thickness): 0μm to 1100μm
- Hold function (freezing measurement)
- A permanent memory of 100 measurements
- Reset function (calibration) - reset plate included
- LCD backlight
- Intuitive operation via a 7-way menu
- Automatic stop of the meter after a long period of inactivity
- Battery status indicator
- Power supply: 9v alkaline battery (eg 6lr61) or 9v battery
- Polycarbonate keyboard based on micro-switches
- Diameter of the measuring probe: 15mm
- Electricity consumption: about 50m
- The meter has the sign this
- Warranty: 24 months

- GL-6Hs thickness gauge with probe
- Zero plate (calibration)
- User manual
- Original package
- Proof of purchase

With this function, we can take measurements with respect to the selected point. This feature is useful when you are comparing multiple test areas in a car. For example, we select the reference point on the left front door and then take measurements on other parts of the car (previously selected in MENU in the CURVE option "Ref."). So when you measure, for example, on a roof, you get a result of -10 m, which means that the roof has a thinner layer of lacquer 10 m from the front left door. The reference point is not deleted when the player is turned off. In addition, this function makes it possible to program a different variant of the sheet (other metals). When setting the reference point, simply do it on a blank sheet. From now on, after choosing the material as "Reference Menu", we will be able to take measurements on such a sheet.

- Probe on the wire
- Steel and aluminum sheets
- Range 0-1100um
- 1um or 10um resolution
- Memory of 100 measurements
- Hold function (freezing measurement)
- Measurement relative to the reference point