Analogue Satellite TV finder with Sound Signalling

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Maclean MCTV-406 satellite signal detector necessary for the correct positioning of the satellite dish, the MCTV-406 SAT linear signal meter, characterized by high quality of processing and ease of use. Using the signal measuring device for the MCTV-406 SAT Maclean antenna, the satellite dish can be optimally positioned. A properly tuned antenna allows you to receive broadcast television broadcasts in HD (High Definition) without any interruption or loss of video or audio. It is a practical and easy-to-use device, necessary for the optimal setting of the satellite dish. The meter is equipped with an acoustic signal (buzzer), a backlit inclination indicator, F type input and output sockets, a handle / one support.

REMEMBER! A properly tuned antenna allows you to receive television programs broadcast in high definition HD (high definition). The meter does not require separate power supply, it is supplied directly by the tuner.

- Power the meter directly from the SAT tuner (the meter is connected between the antenna and the SAT tuner)
- Has a very readable signal indicator!
- Power from the 13V-18V tuner
- Sound signaling
- Frequencies: from 950MHz to 2150MHz
- Minimum input level: -40dBm
- Maximum input level: -10dBm
- 24 months warranty

- Allows the exact positioning of the satellite dish
- Now you will have no problems with the ultra-precise antenna setup
- The signal level is measured by the tilt and sound indicator
- The higher the sound level, the stronger the satellite signal
- The device is very easy to use