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iQube dehydrator is a modern design, small size, efficient device that influences positively your health.
By eliminating excess humidity in your environment you increase the chances of avoiding cold, flu, allergies, while at the same improving your comfort at home or office. 
Thanks to Peltier technology the device work produces little noise, additionally there is no need for extra accessories like fillers and inserts - just plug in the device and enjoy the benefits. 
iQube mini dehumidifier reduces excess humidity, inhibits mites, bacteria, virus and fungus development. Regular use allows to maintain healthy living conditions in your home, office or apartment and helps to stay in good health. 
iQube mini dehumidifier is also an additional protection against development of allergies, asthma or rheumatic pains.

Small Size - Thanks to clever technological solutions the design is compact, and won't take much of your space.
Stylish design - iQube looks great and blends perfectly in any modern room.
Simple operation - No need to go through verbose manuals - simply turn the device on and enjoy
Quiet work - The device will not disturb anyone, so you can leave it on even at night.
Energy Saving - The device has a very low energy consumption
Full tank information - The device gathers the humidity in it's internal tank - once full the devices LED will alert about it.
Clean air, no humidity - Removing excess humidity, allows to prevent pathogen development and allows you to stay in good health.

What are the effects of excess humidity?
Water condensation on walls and windows
Unpleasant humidity scent
Dampness inside wardrobes and cupboards
Fungus or mould stains on walls in bathtubs , showers etc.
Wallpapers and paint not sticking to walls.

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