Whispering teddy bear Whisbear Classic orange cuddly toy

Whispering teddy bear Whisbear Classic orange cuddly toy

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Whisbear - a whispering bear is an extraordinary teddy bear who came into the world to restore a peaceful sleep to babies.
It allows the child to cope with the excess of stimuli, which the infant's nervous system is not yet prepared for. It creates the climate known to him from the mother's stomach. It brings peace, relief.

Six reasons why every Whisbear is unique:
"The Whisbear bear's heart does not beat, but ... it's like a hair dryer. This sound calms down, because it reminds Maluszkowi what he heard in Mama's stomach. The device, which is very easy to start, will automatically turn off after about 40 minutes, when the child is sleeping peacefully.
- Whisbear is inspired by children's drawings. The head and four legs, or Głowomiś, are more paws to catch and bite by the infant.
- Playing with him is a sensory stimulation for a child. Crackling ears and feet, long legs sewn with colorful and contrasting fabrics will give your child a lot of experience!
- We've safely placed magnets in Whisbear bear paws: thanks to them, you can take it with you wherever you go. Teddy bear easily grabs the handle of the stroller, bed or ear bag with accessories of the child.
- Whisbear has been packed in a soft pouch. This is his first shelter, thanks to which he is always clean and elegant. You can then use the bag, for example, for storing diapers or cosmetics. In order for the bees to be safely delivered to their new homes, each pouch is carefully wrapped with a blotter and packed in a specially designed box.
- Whisbear - a humming bear has been designed and made in Poland. The teddy bear shape was created in cooperation with the owners of the Whisbear company and a student at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Maria Czapska. Cuddles are sewn in the sewing room in Mazovia. Skimming devices were created in a factory in Lower Silesia.

- Whispering Bear Whisbear Classic
- Teddy size: 34x13,5 cm
- Dimensions of the device: 7x2,3 cm
- Package dimensions: 35x23x13 cm
- Material: satin fabric
- Orange color
- Power supply: 3 x AAA (not included)
- User manual
- A proof of purchase

- Teddy bear skimming
- Manufacturer's packaging
- A proof of purchase

- It will calm your child's sleep
- Szumi and mutes