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The Monopoly Junior: Cars 3 Edition game is a simple introduction to the iconic Monopoly game. With easy, familiar gameplay and favorite Cars 3 characters, kids can have a fun, fast time as they race around the gameboard. Players move as Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Smokey, and Jackson Storm characters as they buy speedways and other memorable Cars 3 locations, collect rent, and discover a fortune in the Chance cards. The player with the most money takes the glory!

- Includes gameboard, 4 character tokens, 24 Chance cards, 48 character markers, 90 Monopoly banknotes, die, and instructions.
- Ages 5 and up
- For 2 to 4 players
- Polish language version

- Like the classic Monopoly game but easier for kids
- Disney.Pixar Cars 3 theme
- Play as a Cars 3 character
- Quick gameplay
- Polish language version

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