NATEC Genesis RX66 Gaming Keyboard

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Feel the power of professional gaming!
RX66 Gaming Keyboard is a professional gaming device, created for the most demanding, intense gamers. It’s more than just a keyboard, in your hands in can change into a powerful weapon against virtual enemies. With RX66, you’ll go straight to victory and win every battle. 
Four backlight modes
Thanks to keyboard backlight, you’ll have full visibility even in total darkness. This is a great feature that will satisfy especially the “night owls” – backlight make it easy to locate buttons in the darkness . In addition, the backlight control will allow you to fully adapt backlight intensity to different environmental lightning. 
Gaming design
Ergonomic shape provides comfort and convenience necessary during long gaming sessions. Stable keyboard legs allow you to position the device at the desirable angle. Modern, gaming design, and LED backlight are definitely an eye-catching features. 
Wrist support
Ergonomic keyboard design provides comfort during long hours of gaming. Profiled wrist rest prevents unhealthy, lifted position of your wrists, which might cause fatigue and wrist pain. 
Windows key lock
Windows key lock is an awesome feature – it prevents game from stopping and escaping to desktop, after accidentally pressing the button. That means no more unwanted escapes during most exciting moments of game! 
Multimedia Keys
Natec Genesis RX66 has 10 multimedia keys, including 5 programmable keys, placed on the left side, and at the top of the keyboard. With included software, you can program any function you want, and without any problems, turn you computer into the center of home entertainment. With Genesis RX66 using your computer as media center is easy, like never before! Soon you won’t be able to live without all these awesome features! 
Advanced software with profiles and macros
The best way to use the full potential of this keyboard is a macro programming which allows you to save the sequence of keys on the keyboard with the corresponding time intervals, and then recall it with just one button. That’s not everything! You can also set up and save gaming profiles, so you won’t have to program the keyboard all over again each time, you want to play in different game. 
Built-in memory
Thanks to the built-in memory, you don’t have to set up the keyboard again, when you want to plug it into other computer. All profiles are saved on the onboard memory, so you can take your macros with you everywhere. Be a winner at every LAN 

Natec Gensis NKG-0503 RX66 professional gaming keyboard :
gaming software with profile editor
on-board memory to save the settings
5 programmable keys