Air humidifier FreshAir HIGROMETR LCD AR6 8H remote control ionization

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The FreshAir ™ air humidifier is a modern intelligent device that allows you to keep air humidity at an appropriate level. In addition, during humidification, it is ionizing air and destroying bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the air.
The damp air is rid of unpleasant odors and ionization promotes the well-being of your child, for example.
The device also makes it possible to get rid of allergic symptoms, inhibit fungal and fungal growth, and reduce the amount of dust in the room.

- Nozzle with a unique shape that increases the efficiency of steam output
- Water tank approx. 5 l.
- Power 25 W
- Power cord length - 1m.
- Dimensions 60x20x20cm
- Hygrometer - Automatic humidity measurement
- Ionization of air
- Adjustable steam power
- Remote control timer for remote humidifier
- Night lamp function
- Long working time per 1 tank, about 9-10 hours
- Discreet, quiet work

- Brand new FreshAir ™ AR6 humidifier
- warranty
- Operating Instructions
- Proof of purchase
- Original packaging

- Remote control
- Silent operation of the humidifier
- Ionization
- 9-10 hours work on 1 tank