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Would you like to go to the kitchen or watch your favourite show in the TV without being anxious If with your baby everything is ok? Don’t you have a space in your bedroom for bassinet and you have enough sleeping on the armchair near it? This Baby monitor is definitely going to help you! The device is ready to work right after taking it out of the box. It is configured too and intuitive icons make it even more easier to use it. It is a perfect way to have everything under control but still have the freedom and ability to do other things. You can use it to take care of children but also the elderly! The camera and display allows you to see what is happening in the monitored room. What is more, with this baby monitor you can communicate with the other person. You can hear every weep, every sound but you also can press the microphone button and the other person is going to hear you. That brings psychological comfort to you and your children or elderly. It has even 8 different lullabies that you can play your child to sleep! Moreover it has a special sensor that measures the temperature in the room, that allows you to control the optimal temperature for your child. The maximum range in open terrain in a straight line is 260 meters. The optimum reach in the rooms is maximum 50 meters (also between floors, via the ceiling). The wireless connection and 2.4GHz transmission cause that there shouldn’t occur any disruption while monitoring. It works perfectly fine even in the darkness because of night mode, special sensor and IR LEDs. In addition, you can place it almost everywhere –you can put it on the cabinet, hanged on the handle or mount on the wall.

- Native resolution: 320 × 240 pixels
- Colour screen: 2-inch
- Horizontal angle of view (H): 355.00 degrees
- Vertical view angle (V): 90.00 degrees
- Housing color: White-black
- Built-in microphone: Yes
- Additional equipment:
- DC 2A power supply
- Night mode: IR LEDs
- Infrared range: 5 m

This product is great and helps to prevent some of the dangerous situations. It helps you to get in touch with the ones you love making sure even when they sleep if everything is fine. Some of its features are:
-Range up to 260m
-Bidirectional voice communication
-Temperature monitoring
-2-inches colour screen
-Night mode
-You can place it almost everywhere
-Uninterrupted work due to wireless radio connection
-8 different lullabies
It is perfect for parents who wants to take great care of their children or for people who takes care of elders and wants to stay in touch all the time making sure everything is ok.

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