CR 7030 Camry high performance vacuum cleaner 25L Hepa air filter system

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Regular cleaning of the fire from ash and accumulated soot is necessary to keep it functional. The CR7030 ash vacuum is a model that can be used to clean the fireplace, which distinguishes it from household vacuum cleaners. The special design of the HEPA vacuum cleaner filter protects the motor from soot and dust particles that could otherwise clog and damage it. The Camry CR7030 chimney cleaner has been adapted so that it removes both surface dirt and dirt at a higher temperature shortly after being extinguished.

- Manufacturer: Camry
- Model: CR 7030
- Capacity: 25L
- Aluminum tube: 20cm
- Power cord: 5m
- maximum power: 2000W
- Rated power: 1200W
- Power supply: 230V ~ 50Hz
- Dimensions: 32.5 x 32.5 x 53 cm
- Weight: 6kg

- HEPA air filter system - protects the engine from soot and dust particles
the ability to suck in both dirt and dirt at a higher temperature shortly after being extinguished
- safe fireproof hose
- practical handle for easy carrying
- Easy assembly and disassembly of the device
- solid steel housing
- secure fastening with bolts