Inhaler BR-CN116B

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Item description:
Omnibus BR-CN116B is a small, reliable piston inhaler for continous work designed with children in mind.
The device meets rigorous medical industry requirements, with only quality materials used, and a strong efficient engine. The toy-like housing makes inhalation much less stressful for a child.
The device is especially recommended for:
Respiratory diseases, and infections
Asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis, sino-bronchial syndrome
Inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract
Emphysema and pneumoconiosis
Salt inhalation

Detachable power cord prevents accidental cable cutaway
Contoured handle provides a safe and secure grip camera
Manufactured using quality materials
Full engine bearings reduces friction and prevents overheating of the device
Full bearing piston ensures the long life of the pump
The silicone membrane air distributor provides the speed and accuracy of work
Warranty: 24 months

Omnibus Child Kids Inhaler:
Small, reliable piston inhaler for continuous work designed with children in mind
Rigorous medical industry requirements
Manufactured using quality materials
3 colors (yellow/brown, green, red)

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