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Do you want to start living healthy now?
It will be much easier with this smart band.
With the calorie measurement you can see exactly how much calories you have consumed today
The sleep monitor can tell you exactly how many times they woke up during the night and how long they slept.
You do not have to worry about rain, for example. The Smart Band is waterproof (IP67)
The device is compatible with iOs devices and Android

The Pro-Tech Smartband Active-Band bracelet is able to manage different training modes.
It can also detect heart rate and monitor sleep quality.
It is equipped with bluetooth technology that allows you to connect it to your smartphone or tablet.
Battery life is 8 days (in standby mode 15 days).
It allows the monitoring of vital processes 24 hours a day.

- Producer: Media-Tech
- Color: Black
- Connection with Bluetooth
- Functions:
- Alarm clock
- Information about the route
- step payer
- Sleep monitor
- Pulse measurement
- Calorie measurement
- Notifications about calls and SMS / MMS
- Compatible with Android and IOS
- The battery lasts up to 8 days
- Waterproof IP67: Yes

- This smartband has a lot of features like calorie measurement and heart rate measurement
- The battery can easily work for up to 8 days
- The device has the function of an alarm clock and a sleep monitor
- It is compatible with Android and IOS
- It also alerts you about calls and SMS / MMS
- The smartband syncs with your phone.