Pot with a lid 20cm Ambition Nature A unique look

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Nature pots and pans are made of forged aluminum, they perfectly accumulate heat, making cooking more energy-efficient. They have a 3 mm induction bottom resistant to deformation.
Inside coated with a non-stick coating with a unique appearance imitating stone. Outside coated with a high temperature resistant coating with a rough surface in the same color as the inside coating.

-Manufacturer; Ambition
-Model: Nature
- Product code: 34144
-Size: 20 cm
-Height: 8.5 cm
- Capacity: 2200 ml
- Usable capacity: 1800 ml
-Color: Creamy stone imitation
-Material: Aluminum
- Shell: Non-sticky
-Ceramic plate
-Gas stove
-Electric cooker

-Garnek with 20cm Ambition Nature lid
-The proof of purchase

-Gar made of high quality forged aluminum
-Energy-friendly cooking - perfectly accumulate heat
- Multi-layer deformation bottom
-A unique appearance imitating stone
- Unique, elegant handles covered with a special Soft Touch material resembling wood
-Suitable for all types of cookers