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Sandwich toaster ECG S 199 from Quattro

This is a 4-piece toaster that toasts 8 triangular sandwiches in 1100W Edestahldesign.
The sandwich maker from ECG allows the preparation of different sandwich variants! This appliance is perfect for the family - 8 tasty triangular sandwiches can be prepared at the same time.
The service is so easy that even older children make the preparation of your lunch break or dinner. Thanks to an output of 1100 W you prepare the best sandwiches in a short time.

Power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Power: 1100 W

Preparing toasts has never been so easy!

- Thanks to a capacity of 1100 W you prepare the best sandwiches in a short time.
- The handle is heat-insulated and remains cool even during operation.
- After cooling, you can store the device in vertical position, which makes it very space-saving and fits in very small kitchens.
- 2 large non-stick plates
- Preparation of 8 triangular toasts (4 sandwiches)
- Stainless steel design • Easy cleaning of plates
- Heat-insulated handle for high security
- overheating protection
- Operation and standby display
- Space saving storage by vertical position
- Cable rewind

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