Container for spice holder for spice bag organizer 16 compartments for fresh spices

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Revolutionary and original organizer of spice bags. It is the ideal solution for all lovers of good cuisine and order, and is also an excellent choice for minimalist cuisine.
The idea of ​​the creature was to occupy at least the place, to maintain the longest freshness and smell, as well as the ease and speed of the search in the preparation of all kinds of dishes. The wooden organizer full of color content will be a pleasant and super practical addition to every kitchen. Contains a list of stickers to describe your favorite herbs and spices.

Practical compartments allow you to keep the bag and provide comfort, aesthetics, and prevent the weathering of herbs. The container for spices is not only great, but also guarantees comfort and pleasure in preparing meals.

- Saves space
- Preserves freshness and spices
- Self-filling stickers are included
- High quality materials
- Fixed design
- Aesthetic appearance
- For installation

- 2 plywood boards
- 16 compartments
- 3 spacers
- 6 fastening screws
- Self-fill sticker set
- Composition handbook
- Manufacturer's packaging
- Proof of purchase

The practical spines allow you to store the envelope and ensure comfort, aesthetics and prevent the herbs from airing out. The spice holder not only looks great, it also ensures convenience and pleasure when preparing meals.

- Save space
- Maintains the freshness and aroma of spices
- High quality materials
- Solid workmanship
- Aesthetic appearance
- Self-fill stickers included