Pencil case with HAMA equipment Step by Step BLACK WIDOW 3D

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A practical pencil case
A high quality pencil case from the well-known and respected brand Step by Step, made of durable materials. It is distinguished by a pattern made in 3D technology, which is very pleasing to children. Inside there is equipment from a renowned German brand. The zipper is equipped with a comfortable and funny grip. A colorful pencil case can match other Step by Step products and wear the entire school set.
Ergonomic pencils
Pencils and pencils with a triangular cross-section are more ergonomic, more comfortable to put in your hand and do not come out of it. They also help to keep order on the desk and do not get lost as easily as 'round pencils' - they are stable on the base, do not roll, and thus do not fall off easily from the table.
Quality you can trust
The German brand Step by Step are school products that are used for years. They are made of the best materials, and the production process takes care of everyone, even the smallest detail. They are subjected to rigorous quality tests to ensure that your child will use a safe and durable product. Step by Step is a brand you can trust.

- Producer: Step by Step / HAMA
- Height: 20.5 cm
- Width: 14 cm
- Thickness: 4 cm

- Step by Step BLACK WIDOW 3D pencil case
- 12 colored pencils
- 7 thick colored pencils
- Ruler
- Ekierka
- Pencil
- Eraser
- Pencil sharpener
- Lesson plan
- The proof of purchase

- A pencil case made of durable materials
- The quality you can trust
- Equipped with utensils from a reputable brand
- Zippered with a comfortable grip
- Ornamental motif made in 3D technology
- Ergonomic pencils with a triangular cross-section