Container with cover PlastTeam TopStore Recycle QR 53L

Container with cover PlastTeam TopStore Recycle QR 53L


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Plast Team is a leader in the production of the most environmentally friendly plastic products.
Top Store Storage Box is available with a unique QR code that allows you to organize storage at home using the BoxPointer smartphone app. BoxPointer can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Boxes Make the most of your home with BoxPointer!
We all have things that we do not use every day, or things that we just do not like to be at home. It can be anything from thick winter clothes to a box of Christmas decorations in the attic or an extra set of cutlery that you only use on special occasions. Most of us also have the feeling that we do not know exactly where we've put it all away.
Plast Team works hard to develop the best and most practical tools for any household item. Our goal has always been to help our clients organize their home and make the best use of available space. Thanks to our recently developed BoxPointer system, we can now scan and mark storage boxes to track content, date and location. Everything is done with the help of a free application for smartphones, which allows you to optimize the place at home without losing easy and frequent access to things. for storage with an innovative QR-Code u. Mobile application - Plast Team

- EAN code 5707672721084
- Supplier code 23840803
- Capacity: 53L
- Dimensions: 725 x 395 x 390 mm

-Contact with PlastTeam TopStore Recycle QR 53L
-The proof of purchase

The perfect solution for an organized and space-saving warehouse!

- 100% made of recycled materials - An innovative solution combining the diversity of plastics with the future without compromising ecological balance.
- Clipboard with lid and a unique QR code
- Capacity: 53L
- Dimensions: 725 x 395 x 390 mm