Laundry Basket 42.5L Plast Team white Washing cabinet

Laundry Basket 42.5L Plast Team white Washing cabinet


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To keep your home always in order and you do not have to panic during an unexpected surprise visit, we offer you a laundry basket in which your dirty clothes quickly disappear from the stage. So you can collect your things and at the same time have visually beautiful accessories that embellish your bathroom or bedroom. Our rattan baskets impress with durable plastic material and modern design.
This model is available in nine different versions, so there is something for every taste. The assortment consists of two-sized linen boxes (42.5 l, 60 l) and is available in a wide range of colors. All you have to do is choose the color and size of the container in which you want to keep the whole family dry until the next day

Washing cabinet in rattan style - 42.5 / 60L

- Long: 45.3 cm
- Width: 32.2 cm
- Height: 54 cm
- weight: around 1350G
- Capacity: 42.5 / 60 L
- Colors: white and silver
- easy to clean
- well ventilated
- comfortable ergonomic handles

- 42,5L Plast Team linen bag. White
-The proof of purchase

The perfect container for washing at home!

- Capacity of the whole 60 or 42.5 liters
- Basket for underwear with a flap
- Equipped with handles to facilitate transport
- Robust and easy to clean plastic processing
- Design in a very popular and popular rattan style
- Available separately or in a white and silver set