WiFi 230V BleBox SwitchBoxD


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A ready module, allowing the control of two 230 V household appliances up to 1 kW via a WiFi network using a smartphone application from anywhere in the world.

To use BleBox, all you need to do is configure the device via a web browser. The small dimensions allow you to close the module in an electrical box.

- Power supply: 230 V AC (mains)
- Energy consumption: less than 1 W
- Number of outputs: 2
- Type of control outputs: relays
- Load current consumption: up to 4 A per output
- Load power: up to 1000 W per output
- Number of entries: 2
- Input type: logic, short-circuited to line N of the mains voltage
- Communication standard: μWiFi, compatible with WiFi 2.4 GHz

- BleBox SwitchBoxD 230V dual relay

BleBox SwitchBoxD 230V double relay
- practical product
- product of new technology