Storage box with cover Curver Infinity 11L white

Storage box with cover Curver Infinity 11L white


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Lightweight and compact storage box with lid, made of the highest quality plastic, resistant to scratches and stains. Ideal product to save space.

Storage box made of high quality plastic. It is a good solution to hide your personal things, documents, memories, toys, newspapers and others. Infinity Curver Box is inspired by Scandinavian style. Its good shape makes it possible to put it in bathroom, children's room, cloakroom and kitchen. The handles are made in a way that does not occupy the extra space. That's why we can put the box on the shelves for example. The cover protects the dust content and this form allows to put several boxes stackable.

- Producer: Curver
- Series: Infinity
- Capacity: 4.5L
- Dimensions: 36 x 27 x 14 cm
- White colour

- Light and compact
- Made of the highest quality plastic
- Waterproof cover
- Very easy to store
- Multi functional
-Very easy to move with the side handles
- Saves space