Anti-pop filter helps to soften sounds, for example, during sound recording.


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What is the Pop filter for? Words that begin with, for example, the letters "p" and "b", cause a sudden increase in air pressure, which can create the "pop" effect or strike the air in the vocal recordings, destroying what It could have been perfect. The Pop filter helps soften the sounds. The high density of foam eliminates vibrations between the stand and the microphone clip of the tripod.

The basic element to record. An indispensable product for each study. When speaking or singing, make sure your songs are clear and easy to understand. Eliminate the hiss of the sounds that appear when you speak the letter "s" and the air stream that appears after "b" and "p".

- Diameter of the screen: ~ 15cm
- Neck length: ~ 35cm
- Black color
- Weight: ~ 297g

Note: in this announcement only the anti-pop filter is sold, the microphone is just a presentation of the use of the filter.

- Double diffusion layer
- Convenient and easy to use
- Clamping screw with long arm to attach to the base of the microphone
- Protects the microphone against saliva - 360 ° - flexible handle
- Rotating support that facilitates installation
- Adjustable clamp fits all microphone stands
- Goose neck (gooseneck) for a precise fit