Maclean MCE140 Portable Powerbank 8000 mAh White and red

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Meet our power bank - Maclean MCE140, manageable and durable in the aesthetic housing. It provides a backup power supply for any mobile device such as a camera, smartphone or tablet that supports a micro USB port. Maclean MCE140 is equipped with two cables integrated directly into the device. Thanks to this, you do not need additional links to use and recharge your device. In addition, PowerBank has two USB ports and a micro USB port. The long battery life of the battery is guaranteed by a lithium polymer battery. It is not necessary to carry an additional cable to charge the phone and the powerbank. Maclean MCE140 has two integrated wires (USB and micro USB)

Maclean MCE140 can charge three devices at the same time. You can connect almost any USB device to an additional USB port, such as a smartphone, tablet, portable speaker, Bluetooth headset, etc. Four LEDs indicate the remaining charge level. 4 light-emitting diodes are 100%, 3 - 75%, 2 - 50%, 1 less than 25%. The maximum input current of 2.0 A allows fast charging of Maclean MCE140, even 2 hours shorter than other power banks with 1A input.

- Capacity: 8000 mAh
- 4 LEDs indicating the charge level
- 3 x USB charger output
- Integrated micro-USB cable
- Built-in USB cable
- Charge level control button
- Body in fireproof ABS
- Input: 2 x 5V DC / 2A
- Output: 3 x 5 V DC / 2.4 A
- Battery: lithium-polymer
- Color: white and red
- Dimensions: 146 x 67.3 x 16.3 mm
- Weight: 188 g

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The charger is equipped with a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 8000 mAh, which can be controlled via 4 LEDs.
Thanks to its optimal size, the powerbank is extremely convenient to carry and its durability is guaranteed by a fireproof ABS housing, compatible with almost all portable devices, such as PDAs, MP3s, smartphones, portable DVD players, digital cameras and much more Maclean MCE140. is the perfect solution for long journeys, thanks to which you can quickly top up your mobile device.

- 3 colors available: black, red black, white red
- Capacity: 8000 mAh
- Lithium polymer battery
- 4 LEDs indicating the charge level
- 3 x USB charger output
- Output current 2.4A
- Built-in cables
- Body in fireproof ABS
- Color: white and red