PowerCube Original Network Splitter blue Modular

PowerCube Original Network Splitter blue Modular

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PowerCube Original is a network splitter used to increase the number of available electrical sockets. It has a modular structure thanks to which you can maximize the available space. Sockets on the splitter are arranged in a deliberate way to prevent the problem of free sockets, which often occurs in ordinary extension cords.

No additional cables - a common and often annoying problem is the tangle of wires in many places in our home or office. Especially behind the TV, stereo, DVD player or gaming console there are power strips connected to each other to receive a sufficient number of sockets. Thanks to PowerCube modules, all power cables can be combined into one, compact and aesthetic solution

- 230V AC / 50Hz power supply
- Number of 5xE sockets

PowerCube Original is a modular system. The number of power sockets can be expanded depending on the needs, creating a customized power source. Compatible with PowerCube Extended