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The GreenBlue GB161 bubble wrap machine is designed for the fast and easy production of bubble wrap. The device is compact and very powerful, which makes it possible to produce this inflated film from 4 to 25 meters per minute. Perforated bubble wrap is ideal for protecting small, fragile products such as Glass, porcelain figurines, dishes and much more. suitable. It can be used not only in warehouses, department stores or mail-order stores, but also in the office or shop. The film specially made for this machine is available together with us in a set or separately. The film measures 500 meters and has a bubble diameter of 3.7 cm. The film is ideal for protecting fragile and delicate products during transport. In conjunction with the GB161, you now have a powerful set for your business, work or project.

- Power: 300W
- Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
- Power: 4-25m / min
- Dimensions: 370 x 220 x 260mm
- Weight: 9.5kg
Bubble Wrap:
- Compatible with the GB161
- Foil length: 500 meters
- Bubble diameter: 3.7cm

- A professional device for the production of bubble wrap which is suitable for smaller as well as larger companies.
- The GB161 can be purchased both with and without the 500 meter film, which is compatible with this device and also available separately here.
- Professional machine for the production of bubble wrap
- Machine is perfect for small and large companies
- Powerful: 4-25 meters inflated film / min.
- 500 meters long bubble wrap available separately or together in the set
- Bubble diameter of the film about 3.7 cm
- Protects against breakage, scratches, dust and other factors
- High quality & very easy to use

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