Only for Baby Blue Puppy
Only for Baby Blue Puppy
Only for Baby Blue Puppy
Only for Baby Blue Puppy

Only for Baby Blue Puppy


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If your child often suffer from upper and lower respiratory tract diseases(runny nose, cough, laryngitis, bronchitis or pneumonia) or if he or she suffers from allergies - we offer you the best solution the Blue Puppy nebuliser from Only for Baby. 
The most important thing in a nebulisers work is to assure that the medicametns are directed exactly where they need to be, without straining the delicate stomach of your child - and that is exactly what Blue Puppy excels at ! 
The Blue Puppy Nebuliser is a great when dealing with cold and flu. Nebulisation using physilogic salts allows to moisturise and unblock the mucosa membranes, and will help expectoration, thanks to which you child will be able to sleep through the night, not troubled by cough and stuffy nose. 
Blue Puppy nebuliser allows you to avoid antibiotic therapy when possible, and always speeds up the recovery process. It is best to notify your pediatrician, that you have a nebuliser at your disposal, as he will be able to select the best non-invasive therapy for your child. 

Blue Puppy - Friendly, stress reducing housing of this fully professional device.
Perfect Home Therapy - A device once available only in hospitals is at your disposal to hasten your childs recovery to full health.
Proven against alergies - works perfectly with popular anti-alergic medicaments like: Berodual, Atrovent, Pulmicort, Nebbud and many more.
Efficient - Hastens recovery in many upper and lower tract diseases and infections
Practical - Safe and quiet, equipped with a comfortable handle.
Safe - Thoroughly tested and certified professional device - often allows to avoid antibiotic treatment
Pediatric Mask - Designed for your child, fits perfectly and causes no discomfort.

Pneumatic piston device for aerosol therapy
8 ml medicament/saline compartment
Avarage particle size: 0,5 um – 5 um
High medicament flow rate (0,55 ml/min)
Very light and easy to operate
Assures best medicament absoption