Maclean MCE05GB Programmable Digital LCD Timer Relay Timeswitch Socket Lightning Heating 3600W

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Maclean MCE05GB, is a highest quality timeswitch socket, manufactured with British customers in mind. 
The device is characterised by unmatched adjustability, allowing you to to define up to 10 ON/OFF cycles daily with 1 minute accuracy.
Equipped with RANDOM function, which will turn on devices automatically for short periods of time between 18PM - 6AM - perfect for lightning systems and TV's when you are away for holidays 
Thanks to a built-in battery the MCE05GB retains all settings during power shortages, saving your time, as you will have to configure it just once, and leave to do it's work. 
Ergonomically designed, with 6 large, easy to press buttons and a clear LCD display

Maximum Load: 16A, 3600W
Power Supply: 220-240VAC 50Hz
Working Temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C
Minimum time interval: 1 min
Built-in battery: NiMH 1.2V >100h
The MCE05GB is an excellent device to supplement your home automation, fits a wide range of purposes, like controlling: 
Fish tank devices
Heating ....and a lot more ! 

10 ON/OFF daily cycles / 16 working day combinations
RANDOM - Turns device on/off for periods of 10-31 mins randomly between 18PM to 6AM.
Countdown feature that can be set for maximum of 99 hours 
6 large, easy to press buttons
Clear, large LCD display
Built-in battery - does not reset settings, during power shortages.
12/24h work modes
Warranty: 24 months