3MK InvisibleCase3D ARC 3D

3MK InvisibleCase3D ARC 3D

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Thanks to material memory and improved flexibility InvisibleCase 3D perfectly adheres to the rounded edge of screen and housing.
Minor damage and scratches? They are no longer a problem! InvisibleCase 3D regenerates its surface By using Self-Heal ™ coating (FlexibleGlass 3D is backwards).
InvisibleCase 3D partially absorbs impact. The complex structure reduces possible Effects of damage to the housing and screen.
InvisibleCase 3D, like any case, is not capable Protect from all damage.

With the help of Air-Dots ™, the installation of 3D foil on the back of the device is much easier. Possible, after application, streaks and bubbles that failed to push, they will disappear within 48 hours.
Matte Coat ™ coating Reduces fingerprints And marks of dirt to a minimum Thanks to the perceptible under the fingers A shell with a characteristic Micro-grain structure.
Compared to traditional InvisibleCase 3D cases, it does not affect cellular coverage or Wi-Fi. It is neutral For radio waves and ensures their full transmission.

InvisibleCase 3D protects your phone.
Thanks to Full-Form ™ production, it protects the housing from all sides
1x 3m Arc foil on display
2x 3m Arc foil on the casing
Fit-In ™ positioning stickers
AntiBubble Card
Moistened cloth Dry cloth, not dusty

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