Backup power supply SINUS boiler pump SINUS PRO E 500VA

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The series of sinusoidal drives is used to power electrical devices requiring 230V AC from 12V batteries. It can also be successfully used as an emergency power source for devices that require continuous power such as furnaces and pumps.
A 10A rectifier for battery charging is provided in the color display housing, a pure SINUS inverter based on a toroidal transformer that compensates for various reactive power loads (capacitive, inductive and resistive loads can be combined) and responds flexibly to overloading (starting pumps, compressors, engines). The inverter can operate in a UPS mode that ensures continuous and trouble-free operation of blowers, feeders, pumps,

The property that distinguishes the sinus transducer from the classical simple AC / DC converters is the generation of an output alternating sine voltage as well as the grid. This enables the power supply of devices equipped with electric motors and transformers such as power tools, pumps and low-power households. The emergency source is connected to a 12V battery (which can be an acidic or gel battery - we have a supply) that can be recharged in the case of an incomplete charge via a power supply
Due to the clean sinusoidal output voltage (power), the device ensures stable control forces and prevents the heating of inductive loads such as pumps and fans.

- Power: 300W / 500W
- Input voltage range (battery): 11-15 VDC
- Input voltage range (mains): 140-275 V AC
- Current without load: 1.2A
- Output voltage: 230V 50Hz
- Efficiency:> 92%
- Rectifier: 10A PWM
- Charging voltage: 13.8V ± 0.5V
- Overload protection: At 120% IPS load, it automatically shuts off
- Short-circuit protection: (automatic shut-off)
- Protection against too low a voltage
- Temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius
- Dimensions: 230x145x180
- Weight: 5.1 kg

- Backup source PRO-500E
- User Manual
- Manufacturer's packaging
- Proof of purchase

- Power: 300W / 500W
- Rectifier: 10A PWM
- Clean sinus
- Charging voltage: 13.8V ± 0.5V
- Overload protection
- Short circuit protection
- Protection against too low a voltage