Tracer Zonda Racing Steering Wheel with Pedals, for PS/PS2/PS3/USB, 270 degree rotation, 12 functions, mini joystick, 4-way dual pad

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Tracer Zonda steering wheel is a technically advanced equipment intended for use in games, such as car racings and simulations. The ability to be screwed to the top further enhances the reality of the experience during the game. Vibration Feedback technology, the use of a special non-slip plastic, the ergonomic shape of the handles and buttons provide high comfort and allow you to fully enjoy the thrilling fun.
The steering wheel has 12 function keys, a mini-joystick and 4-way dualpad.
Attached pedals provide full realism of each play. In the case of the PS3, you can also revel using reverse gear.
Compatible with PS2, PS3 and Windows up to Windows10

- Vibration function
- 12 buttons
- Maximum turn of the steering wheel: 270 degrees
- Mini joysticks
- Pedals
- Compatible with: PC/PS2/PS3
- Sensitivity adjustment
- Gearbox
- Windows compatibility: Win98SE /2000 /XP /Vista /7 /8 /10

• Tracer Zonda Vibrating Steering Wheel with Pedals
• 12 function keys, mini-joystick, 4-way DualPad, analog joystick
• Perfect for car racing games and simulations
• Gas pedal brake and ergonomic shape
• Realistic vibration effect during each accident, bump, and turn
• Warranty: 24 months