Blaupunkt CR20BT

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The CR20BT Blaupunkt radio alarm clock is one of the most modern and innovative radio clocks available on the market. It has a Bluetooth thanks to which you can connect with your smartphone, tablet or other device and play your favourite music. The device has a tuner with digital PLL synthesis, a large blue LED display and a panel with night lighting. It has also a very good sound that cause you can weak up with joy starting your day with your favourite radio station or regular alarm clock sound. The function of double alarm and a nap function will prevent frustrating situations of oversleeping. What is more, you can use it as your charger for other devices, because it has two USB ports. This device also has a battery port in case there is a power cut.

Connection : Bluetooth
Function of dimming the display
Nap function
Dimensions 201 x 80 x 111 mm
Weight 0.4 kg

- modern, aesthetic look
- a lot of useful functions
- it can charge 2 devices at one time
- night lighting
- big, clear figures
- function of double alarm
- nap function

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