ECG RB 040


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A pleasant waking up in the morning is a prerequisite for enjoying a successful day. You can always go to school or work on time with perfect accuracy will ensure reliable caliber Radio Alarm ECG RB 040. The stylish design fits into any interior. The digits are displayed on a black background on which they are perfectly visible even in daylight. Simple, intuitive operation easily mastered, even if the device is equipped with a number of interesting features. Your day can begin and end with beautiful music, method of using radio and alarm clock in one you have fun!

 FM tuner/PLL
 1.2'' LED display
 White backlight
 Up to 20 FM station presets
 Snooze, Sleep
 AC 230 V/50Hz Power Supply, DC Battery Operated
 Big LED display
 Digital FM tuner

Large clear LED display you will see from a distance
Comfortable PLL FM tuner with digital tuning and 20 presets for storing favorite stations
You can set two different alarm times and wake repeated
There is also the setting mode off during sleep
The backup time and alarm settings during power outage care two 1.5V AAA

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