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The set contains 10 pieces Zip vacuum bag. Zip Vacuum bags are designed for long-term economical and effective and food storage at home. Vacuum packaged foods have much longer shelf life. The use of a vacuum machine can have many benefits , especially for those who love to make significant spending and want to keep for a long time that he purchased. The set contains 10 pieces Zip vacuum bag. And ' possible to use them either in a refrigerator that in the freezer. Vacuum bags can be washed and reused. Frozen products may be cooked in vacuum bags, thawed and heated in a microwave oven.

Bags Waco Fresh MIX
dimensions: 22x21cm and 26x28cm
10 pieces: (5x 22x21cm + 5x 26x28cm) 
Fresh bags Waco
dimensions :26x28cm
10 pieces 

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