Maclean MCTV-550 SAT Mounting Accessories Sat Antenna Accessories (Balcony / Wall Mount 28cm)

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Perfect solution for secure mounting of your antenna

Brand Maclean already had a large number of satisfied customers at the market stage.
The brand is known world-wide for its quality, innovative strength, service and reliability of the products.
Meanwhile, Maclean is an industry leader in Europe.

Antenna mast / wall holder
Particularly suitable for balcony mounting
Material: Steel
Surface: galvanized
Diameter: 38 mm
Weight: approx. 1.31 kg
With mast cap and mounting accessories
Mounting plate: 130x110mm
Mast spacing: 280mm
Height: 280mm

Perfect solution for secure mounting of your antenna
With the mounting accessories
Very high performance
Thanks to the galvanized steel, the products are against
Corrosion and other chemical reactions.