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"When my great-grandfather, Karl Elsener, opened a knives factory in 1884 and started supplying them with the Swiss Army, his idea seemed revolutionary, his goal was to create a durable and versatile knife that would skilfully combine several essential functions in one tool. the legend was born: the Swiss Officer's Knife.
Over the years, both customer needs and production technology have changed. The Swiss Officer Knife has changed with them, while maintaining the highest utility values. "
Victorinox - a brand dealing in the production of knives, pocket knives and kitchen accessories based in the Swiss city of Ibach, in the canton of Schwyz. He is known primarily as one of the two official suppliers of Swiss officers' knives.
The products come from the legal and official distribution network Victorinox.
Army knife in the purest form.
Knives from this group are a perfect tool complement of professional groups, which include military, police and rescue formations.

All blades of the penknife are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and the casing is made of a very good material resistant to accidental bruises or light impacts.
Victorinox pocket knives are extremely sharp and functional, they contain the necessary sets of tools useful in everyday life. They belong to the longest used tool sets in the world.
Equipped with:
- Blade
- Corkscrew
- Can opener with a small 3 mm screwdriver (also for star screws)
- Bottle opener opener with a 6mm screwdriver
- Blade for stripping
- Skewer - awl
- Wheels
- Tweezer
- Toothpick
- Nail file with a nail cleaner
Reliable penknife VICTORINOX SPORTSMAN with a thousand applications.
Will work at home, at work, on an expedition - everywhere.
Appreciated by amateurs and professionals around the world.

- Manufacturer: Victorinox, Switzerland
- Manufacturer's code: 0.3803
- Series: 84 mm Original Swiss Army Knives
- Binding: ABS / Celidor
- Dimensions: 84 x 26 x 15 mm
- Blade length: 55 mm
- Weight: 52 g
- Tool layers: 2
- Warranty: lifetime

- Swiss VICTORINOX SPORTSMAN 84mm pocket knife
- Manufacturer's packaging
- A proof of purchase

High quality guaranteed by a reputable manufacturer!
Watch out for cheap Chinese fakes! Bet on Swiss quality!
Pocket knives offered by our company are packed in a blister!

- Binding: ABS / Celidor
- Dimensions: 84 x 26 x 15 mm
- Blade length: 55 mm
- Weight: 52 g
- Tool layers: 2
- Warranty: lifetime