VICTORINOX 1.3613 CAMPER pocket knife 13 function indispensable companion for picnics and mountains

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Products come from the legal and official Victorinox distribution network
Pocket knife in the purest form.
The knives from this group are the perfect complement to professional groups, including military, police and rescue groups.
All knife blades are made of stainless steel and the case is made of high quality material resistant to accidental shock or light shocks.
Reliable pocket knife VICTORINOX CAMPER gives you thousands of choices.
It will be suitable at home, at work, at expedition - everywhere.
They appreciate amateurs and professionals around the world.
Watch out for cheap Chinese counterfeits! Choose Swiss Quality!
The pocket knives offered by our company are packed in a blister!
Victorinox pocket knives are very sharp and functional, they contain the necessary tools that are useful in everyday life. It belongs to the longest used tool kits in the world.

- Manufacturer: Victorinox, Switzerland
- Model Code: 1.3613
- Series: 91 mm Original Swiss Army Knives
- Binding: ABS / Celidor
- Dimensions: 91 x 27 x 18 mm
- Blade length: 60 mm
- Weight: 74 g
- Toolbars: 3
- Warranty: Lifetime

- Pocket knife Victorinox Camper 91mm
- Original packaging
- Proof of purchase

"When my great-great-grandfather, Karl Elsener, opened the knife-making factory in 1884 and started supplying them with the Swiss army, his idea looked revolutionary, his aim was to create a permanent and versatile knife that would skillfully combine several basic functions in one instrument. pocket knife.
Over the years, customers' needs and production technologies have changed. The Swiss pocket knife has changed with the highest utility value. "
Victorinox - A brand dedicated to the production of knives, pocket knives and kitchen accessories located in the Swiss town of Ibach in the canton of Schwyz. It is known primarily as one of two official suppliers of Swiss pocket knives.

Swiss pocket knife with 13 functions:
- Big blade
- a small blade
- corkscrew
- can opener
- a small screwdriver
- bottle opener
- Screwdriver
- Equipment for insulation removal
- punch - spit
- ring
- Tweezers
- toothpick
- saw for wood