Ceiling ceiling with pir and sound sensor 9W Led4U cold white LED9C 6000K-6500K

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At this auction, we present to you the brand ceiling LED4U with a built-in motion and sound sensor. Plafon made of high quality plastic, very light, easy to assemble. Very high quality makes it possible to use it wherever aesthetics and high quality of the product are required. The luminaire is equipped with 45 original SMD5050 diodes from a reputable company.
High quality LED ceiling lighting with warm white light. The lighting is turned on with a PIR motion sensor or sound sensor. The PIR sensor works on infrared. It allows the lighting to be switched on due to the movement of the heat-generating object. The sound sensor works on sound with an intensity of more than 50dB. Our plafonds are made of pressed plastic, which gives them a unique look. Thanks to the use of high-efficiency LEDs, the light of our ceilings does not emit ultraviolet and infrared radiation. High efficiency allows for an organic consumption of up to 80%. Our LED ceiling lights are the best ecological alternative. We present the real value, we do not overstate our parameters just like other companies! This ceiling has a built-in current converter, thanks to which there is no blinking effect (pulsating light), which significantly extends its life. His light does not strain his eyes and is healthier for the human eye.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies and materials, LED4U ceilings are characterized by very low energy consumption and, at the same time, durability exceeding tenfold traditional plafonds for tungsten bulbs.
The high quality of materials used for production makes the ceilings not only environmentally friendly, but also characterized by a modern and friendly style. Warm diodes have the most similar color temperature to daylight.

- LED power: 9W
- Built-in PIR + sound sensor
- Equivalent to a traditional ceiling: 90W
- Rated durability: up to 50000h
- Sound intensity:> 50dB
- Luminous flux: 900 lm
- Light color: cold white (6000 ~ 6500K)
- Environment friendly plafond: free of mercury and hazardous materials
- Temperature and humidity of the environment during operation: -30oC to 50oC / 5-93%
- Detection angle: 120o
- Detection distance: 5 ~ 8m
- Power consumption: 550mA
- Number of LEDs: 45pcs (SMD5050)
- Lighting time after starting: 40s
- Power supply voltage: 230V, 50-60Hz
- Power consumption in standby mode: 39uA
- Dimensions: diameter 300mm, height 50mm
- Weight: 600g
- Certificates: CE, RoHS

- Ceiling ceiling with pir and sound 9W sensor
- User manual
- Manufacturer's packaging
- A proof of purchase

The advantages of using plafonds with a built-in motion and sound sensor:
- Saves electricity consumption by automatic shutdown
- Comfort for switching on the lighting automatically
- One device, a lower cost than when buying a motion sensor and sound + ceiling
- No need to conduct additional wiring to the motion sensor
- Lack of UV and IR radiation (does not attract insects)
- Easy and quick assembly
- The range of the motion sensor is up to 8m

- Up to 80% lower energy consumption compared to a traditional plafond for tungsten bulbs
- For internal use
- Long life, up to 100,000 hours
- Very low energy consumption
- Luminous flux up to 900lm