Maxell 377 SR626SW


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Maxell watch batteries are silver-oxide batteries. They are used in a wide range of watches - from digital, requiring a large size, to the most elegant ladies watches powered by batteries of very small dimensions.

Type: Watch - 377/376
Dimensions: height: 2.6 mm, diameter: 6.8 mm
Voltage: 1.55V
Manufacturer: Maxell 
Other markings: 626 SB-BW SB-AW 280-72 280-39 177 V377 565 606 GP377 SR626W SR626SW SR66 D377 LR626 LR66 AG4

Maxwell silver-oxide batteries
Height mm: 2.15
Diameter mm: 6.8
Voltage: 1,55 V
APPLICATION: For low voltage devices such as torches, watches, hearing aids