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GB103 is an electronic meter to measure the electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours. Equipped with a convenient display and LED flashing at a rate proportional to current energy consumption.  Always switch off the power before mounting. The installation of the device should be performed by a qualified electrician!

Standard: IEC 62053-21(IEC61036)
Rated Voltage: 120/220/230/240V ±10%
Base Current (lb2): 5A
Max Current: 32A
Min. Current: 0.02A
Frequency: 50/60hz
Power Consumption: <2W/10VA
Accuracy: class 1
Working temperature: -25°C do +55°C
LED signal: Flashes according to the level of power consumption (1000imp/kWh)
IP class: IP20
Installation:DIN 35mm rail
Warranty:24 months

Very accurate single-phase watt-hour meter for AC power measurement in kWh. Excellent device to control how much energy your household is using. Keep your bills under control with GB103 watt-o-meter.

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