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Extremely convenient and easy-to-use food warmer with a special thermal insulation material - irreplaceable in every journey. Thanks to SisiBaby®, you can heat bottles and jars with food and keep them at the right temperature during the trip.
The bottle warmer SisiBaby® is also an ideal and super practical thermo-bag, which thanks to a special insulating film (inside the bag) keeps the temperature of the bottle very well for a longer time. The bag is equipped with a very comfortable handle and additional pockets, thermo-bag matches most types of bottles.
The heating time of a 100 ml bottle is only about 15-20min. To warm up a meal in a bottle, simply connect the device to the cigarette lighter socket in the car and it's ready.

Certified product - has got special CE certificates that testify to specialist tests performed in accordance with the rigorous norms of EU countries.

- Can be used with all types of bottles and jars with food for children.
- The device has a 12V DC car plug.
- Security bag with zipper and handle and Velcro fastening clips.
- The bag is lined inside with a special thermal insulation material, thanks to which our heater works like a thermos, it can keep you warm or if you want to cold - ONLY WITH US!
- Maximum cable length 45 cm. The length of the cable can be adjusted - hiding it in a special pocket.
- Height 22cm
- Diameter 10 cm (bottle up to 8cm)
- Power supply (cigarette lighter): DC 12V, 800-1000 mA
- Power consumption: 11W

- Heater with special thermal insulation material
- Heating cartridge
- Car plug
- Original cardboard box
- User manual in Polish
- A proof of purchase

- Extremely convenient and easy to use
- Special thermal insulation material
- Can be used with all types of bottles and jars with baby food
- It has a DC 12V car plug
- Power consumption: 11W

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