Smart Electric Blind Roller - compatible with Android and iOS

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Ready module for controlling electric window blinds via WiFi network using the smartphone application from anywhere in the world. It is powered by 230 V mains voltage. To use BleBox, simply configure the device via a web browser. The device has screw connectors for the assembly of wires, small dimensions allow the module to be closed in an electric box.
In order to connect the module to the home WiFi, you need to connect the computer to the WiFi network created by the BleBox module. Open the web browser and enter the IP address of the device: A configuration page should appear and then you should choose your home WiFi network and enter the access password.
Download the app "wBox - control everything" from Android Play Store or AppStore. If the WiFi network has been properly configured, the module will be automatically detected by the application. The light intensity can be easily controlled using the application buttons.
The module has six inputs in the form of screw connectors, to which the wires can be connected using a screwdriver:
L - 230 V power supply positive pole.
N - power supply, neutral wire - ground.
01 - output 1 for connecting the roller shutter motor.
02 - output 2 for connecting the roller shutter motor.
S1 - connection of an external shutter switch.
S2 - connection of an external shutter switch.

- Power supply: 230V AC (mains)
- Power consumption: less than 1W
- Number of operated blinds: 1
- Load current consumption: up to 5A
- Number of inputs: 2
- Operation of electronic and mechanical limit switches
- Input type: logic, shorted to L line of mains voltage
- Communication standard: μWiFi, compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi
- Bi-directional transmission type: encrypted
Operating mode
- Direct connection (as an Access Point)
- WiFi connection via a standard router
- Connection with access from anywhere in the world via Internet
- Compatible devices: iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android, computers and mobile devices with HTML5 support
- Case made of halogen-free polyurethane composition - self-extinguishing for thermal class B (130 ° C)
- Dimensions: 41 x 40 x 21 mm

- Control your window blinds via WiFi and free app!
- Let your home be smart
- Android and iOS compatible
- Control your home from any place in the world