5H Color illustration 100%

5H Color illustration 100%


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Smartphone Protection Foil - 3mk
ARC - Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge / S7 Edge / S8
Protect your phone from scratches and damage! Protection for the entire surface of the rounded display!

Perfect protection of the round surface of your display. The ARC film protects your display from one edge to the other
Self-regenerating surface
The form memory effect as well as the self-healing feature of the ARC film regenerates these scratches
Additional features
A simple assembly is promoted by the 4-stage application metode as well as semipermeable structure of the film, which allows air bubbles to disappear within 48 hours.n colors of your screen

Perfect transparency
A clear and clean structure makes the displayed colors of your screen outstanding
Quick & easy assembly
3mk ARC is the first, high quality protective film for round displays which is placed without moistening the telephone surface.
Full sensitivity to touch
3mk ARC guarantees an ideal glide of the finger on the surface of the display as well as the full sensitivity of this to your touches

The set includes: 1 protective film, Innovative Dust-Flux flakes, 2 cleaning rags: dry / moist, special anti-bubble card (anti-bubble card)
The ideal protection film for your smartphone!

Ideally adjusted, ultra strong and incredibly thin. Protection also rounded edge protection thickness: 5H color picture: 100%
The special surface High-Grip reduces the risk that the phone slips out of the hand.
A clear and uniform structure of the film reproduces the colors perfectly and at the same time offers an excellent operating feeling on the display.

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