Powerneed S5000G
Powerneed S5000G

Powerneed S5000G


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The Power Need S5000B 's offers an impressive performance with microUSB .
8 -pin and 30 -pin apple outputs the Universal are connected and are compatible with virtually any device that can be charged with 5V
With 5,000 mAh capacity you have your perennial power in your pocket always with you

Solar Power Bank
Ideal for smartphones and tablets
Li - Po battery with 5000 mAh capacity
USB output : 5 V / 1 A
USB connection for charging via AC adapter
4 LEDs : display of the charging status of the Power Bank
Dimensions : 142x75x14mm
Color: Green , Black 
If the sun is not shining : Invite your Powerbank easy via USB to PC or USB power adapter .
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