Smartphone and All UBS Charged Devices - Green

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Technical specifications:
• efficient solar panel 2.5W
• battery: 3000mAh (11,1Wh); Li-Poly
• USB output: 5V, 1A
• waterproof casing
• dimensions: 220x150x10mm
• weight: 0,18kg

efficient solar panel - You need only 1 sunny day to collect the power for fully charge most smartphones; it's rarely, that solar charger has such a large area of PV panel to do this!
lithium polymer battery - smaller and lighter than standard batteries and, most importantly, offering longer battery life
built-in energy gauge - you always know how much energy is left
large pocket - you will easily pack there all little things you need; system of convenient handles - you can put your charger in any place you want
waterproof casing - be confident and independent wherever you are and whatever you do; very unique shape - to emphasize your individuality