LED lamp with a solar motion sensor for the Maclean Energy MCE29 glass, 500 mAh


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Portable, wireless, solar LED 6 LED with motion sensor for practical use. Gadget useful in every home or office.
For best results when charging, choose a place with full access to sunlight.

6 LED LED lamp powered from the built-in battery. Thanks to the strong and energy-saving light and the lack of any wires, the lamp will be the perfect source of light.
The possibilities of application are limitless, depend only on our imagination ...

- White color
- Power supply: Ni-Mh 500mAh 2.4v battery
- 6 LEDs: brightness 13000MCD
- Dimensions: 85x85x44mm
- Working time: up to 6 hours a day
- Detection angle: 105o
- Detection detection: up to 2.5 m
- Mounting using suction cups
- Built-in solar panel
- New product, in the original packaging

- LED lamp with motion sensor
- Manufacturer's packaging
- A proof of purchase

- Small size, low energy consumption, the ability to mount almost anywhere, attractive design are just some of the advantages
- The lamp is waterproof so it can also be used outdoors
- Very easy to assemble and use, glued with four suction cups. Mount wherever you like! Installation for any smooth surface!
- Lamp equipped with 6 strong LEDs - brightness 13000MCD
- When the movement is detected, the light stays on for about 20-30 seconds