Electric toothbrush TEESA SONIC - guarantees effective oral care

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If an electric toothbrush does not meet your expectations, then it's time to move to higher dental care. Teesa Sonic is a technologically advanced device that thoroughly brushes your teeth with fine and very effective pulse movements. As a result, the brushing protects the enamel and prevents the gums from receding. Importantly, with the device you can develop the proper habits associated with brushing your teeth at the time recommended by dentists. Every 30 seconds, the Sonic Toothbrush reminds you to change the part of the mouth to be cleaned. After two minutes, it will turn off automatically.
The set includes an induction charger and two replaceable brush heads. You can decide if one of them is useful for your other half, or you can use it later as a backup option. You can always purchase additional cleaning heads, which are available in the Teesa range. Enjoy a beautiful smile without restrictions. The brush is equipped with a 700 mAh battery, which guarantees up to 6 weeks of work.

Electric toothbrush TEESA SONIC

Technical specification:
- 3 working modes: Normal (default), Soft. Massage (massage)
- 31 000 pulsations / min. (in each mode)
- Degree of protection: IPX7
- Automatic shutdown after 2 minutes; Reminder every 30 seconds
- Soft bristles
- Contains 2 heads
- Sound level: <65 dB
- Induction charger
- Useful life after a single charge: up to 6 weeks or up to 180 minutes of continuous operation
- Battery: 700 mAh
- Power supply: 100-240 V; 50/60 Hz

The set contains:
- Sonic Toothbrush TEESA SONIC
- Induction charger
- 2 heads
- original packaging
- proof of purchase

Enjoy a beautiful smile without restrictions

- Provided with 3 working modes that include cleansing, massage and gentle washing of sensitive teeth
- Uses 31,000 pulsating movements and guarantees effective oral care
- With an induction charger and two replaceable brush heads
- Enjoy a beautiful smile without restrictions