Inverter sinus PRO 1000V 12V / 230V Volt black full sine


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Computer emergency power supply unit SRO-1000 W 12V is a device for uninterruptible power supply to computers, servers and computer sets. In one device, the functions of a pure sine (pure sine wave) DC / AC converter, a UPS emergency switch, a mains voltage stabilizer and a battery charger (rectifier) ​​have been included.

In one device, the functions of the pure sine DC / AC converter, emergency switch type UPS, power supply voltage stabilizer (AVR), battery charger (rectifier) ​​and safeguards necessary to operate the device together with the solar controller and photovoltaic were included. The color display allows you to monitor the most important parameters of the system. A feature that distinguishes the computer sine-type emergency power supplies from the classic straight AC / DC converters is the generation of alternating voltage of the pure sinusoidal current, identical to that in the power grid. Simple, inexpensive power supplies actually produce rectangular voltage, sometimes called incorrectly "modified sine wave", and can cause incorrect operation of sensitive, modern computers or servers with active PFC (Power Factor Correction).

- Rated power (continuous): 700 W
- Overload (momentary) power: 1000 VA
- Battery voltage: 12 V
- Rectifier (charging current): 20 A
- PV charging voltage: ~ 36V 12 - 50 V
- Solar controller: None
- Automatic voltage regulator - AVR: 140 - 275 VAC
- Idling current (no load): 0.3 A ≤ Idle current ≤ 1.5 A
- Permissible range of supply voltage: Switching to battery supply occurs when the mains voltage is lower than 160 V (+ - 5 V) or higher than 260 V (+ - 5 V)
- Frequency of supply voltage: 45 Hz ~ 65 Hz
- Frequency of the UPS output voltage: 50 Hz (+ - 0.5 Hz)
- Output voltage range: AVR network voltage regulator: 204 - 240 V, UPS - battery: 230 V (+ - 3%)
- Overload protection (battery supply): In the case of an overload of 110% - 130%, the power supply is disconnected after 30 seconds. If the overload is higher than 130%, the power is disconnected immediately.
- Overload protection (mains): The device warns of overloading until the fuses trip.
- Permissible humidity: 10% RH ~ 90% RH
- Permissible operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 ° C
- Dimensions: 310 mm x 170 mm x 330 mm
- Weight: 9 kg

- Sinus converter PRO 1000 1000V 12V / 230V Volts
- Installation instructions
- Manufacturer's packaging
- A proof of purchase

The emergency power supply is connected to a 12V battery (it can be both acidic and gel batteries - those we have in the offer), which in the case of incomplete charging is charged by the charger built into the power supply.

- Rated power (continuous): 700 W
- Overload (momentary) power: 1000 VA
- Battery voltage: 12 V
- Overload protection
- Dimensions: 310 mm x 170 mm x 330 mm
- Weight: 9 kg