VICTORINOX 7.6072 JULIENNE 7.6072 universal scraper for metal decoration


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Complete metal scraper for decoration. Comfortable, very easy to use, has a serrated blade that lets you cut fruit and vegetables into strips and pillars.
Thanks to this you can quickly and easily prepare carrots, leeks, celery, beets for Chinese cuisine salad potatoes and many more and you get a great and tasty effect.

Manufacturer: Victorinox
Model: 7.6072
Material: stainless steel
Scraper length: 11 cm
Blade Width: 5 cm
Color: silver
Packaging: paper box
Dishwasher washing: yes

- Victorinox scraper
- proof of purchase

- Fully metallic
- Practical
- Extremely easy to use
- He's got a bared blade
- Dishwasher option