Splitter PowerCube Original 5 sockets schuko green

Splitter PowerCube Original 5 sockets schuko green

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PowerCube Original - is the latest network filter for increasing the number of available electrical sockets. Thanks to its compact design, the PowerCube Original optimally uses every centimeter of free space. Despite the small size, strategically located sockets prevent the occurrence of a problem, which often occurs when using normal extension cords.
It happens that we have limited access to electrical outlets. PowerCube will solve this problem.
No additional cables - a common and often annoying problem is the tangled wires found in many places in our home or office. Thanks to PowerCube modules, all power cables can be combined into one, compact and aesthetic solution.

No locks - often power supplies are equipped with non-standard plugs, which, after connecting several at a time to the extension cable, hinder access to free sockets, preventing their use. PowerCube also solves this problem!
PowerCube Original is a modular system. The number of power sockets can be expanded depending on the needs, creating a customized power source. Compatible with PowerCube Extended.
The model sold in this offer has a socket and F-type plug (so-called German or schuko). Sockets in green.

- Model: 1100GN / DEORPC
- Housing color: white
- Slot color: green
- Number of sockets: 5
- Type of sockets: type F (so-called German or schuko)
- Voltage / nominal current: 250 V ~ / 16 A
- Grounding: yes
- Child protection: yes
- Product weight: 227 g

- PowerCube Original splitter with F-type sockets (so-called German or schuko) in green
- Manufacturer's packaging
- The proof of purchase

5 slots

- No locking effect of neighboring sockets by power supplies equipped with non-standard plugs
- The modular system allows you to connect several cubes together
- Compact and aesthetic solution
- Sockets and plug type F (so-called German or schuko)
- Slot color: green