Stroller stroller leg warmer LEA basket Lionelo gray
Stroller stroller leg warmer LEA basket Lionelo gray
Stroller stroller leg warmer LEA basket Lionelo gray

Stroller stroller leg warmer LEA basket Lionelo gray


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Lionelo Lea is a stroller made of high quality materials. The steel frame of the trolley guarantees stability of driving and resistance to damage, even with intensive use. The seat, roof and backrest of the trolley are made of a durable fabric with antibacterial properties, resistant to abrasion and weather conditions. The EVA foam wheels are very durable and absorb shocks very well - thanks to this the walks will be even more enjoyable! The material is very resistant to abrasion and stretching, it has antibacterial properties. This material is breathable and has a thermoregulating effect.

A special soft cushion supports the head and the back of the baby, providing it with more comfort and safety while driving. The frame made of high quality metals will not deform during prolonged use. The wagon has a smooth, stepless adjustment of the leaning angle, which will provide the child with a comfortable sleeping position. The window pan provides protection from the sun, rain and wind. Allows you to watch your baby while driving.

-weight of the trolley (kg): 9
- frame: metal
- types of wheels: foam
- seat type: fold-out
- accessories in the set: foot guard
-height of the product (cm): 105
-the width of the product (cm): 51
- product length (cm): 78
- number of wheels: 4
- color: shades of gray and silver
- shock absorbers
- brake
- adjustable footrest

A practical basket of above average size will work in every situation. The bag holds 5 kilos of load. The brake located on the rear axle, operated with one leg. Comfortable and quick to use. Indispensable in every situation. 5-point belts provide more safety while driving. Additional cushions increase travel comfort and prevent abrasion of the sensitive skin of the child. Thanks to the ergonomic handles, the parent has full control over the track. Foam covering makes driving a certain and comfortable. The shock absorbers fitted in the front wheels ensure maximum comfort and stability, significantly reducing shocks when driving on uneven surfaces. Comfortable footrest has a smooth adjustment of the angle of inclination. It will be especially useful during a child's nap.

- Full convenience and safety
- Soft, eco-friendly fabric
- High quality and durability
- Heavy duty construction