Vipow Ivory - your new candle for years to come!

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The LED wax candle is a practical decoration that fits perfectly into any room and creates an effective decoration that will create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in your living spaces. Perfect for table decorations, windows, as well as for the evening moments of relaxation in the privacy of your home.

You can position the candle almost anywhere without worrying about the risk of fire, burns, smoke or dirt from dripping wax. Besides, you can fall asleep safely and without worries by the light of the flame. The timer function causes the candle to turn off after 4 hours for the next 20 hours. After this time, it will be turned back on for 4 hours.

This modern LED candle looks a lot like a real candle. The LED dims softly and lights up, imitating the flashing of a real flame. The naturalness of the candle also emphasizes the wax coating with characteristic, burned edges.

The advantage of the LED candle is its long life. You can be sure that the candle will not burn out and the estimated working time of a battery cycle is up to a full 1000 hours. End with the classic wax candles, now you have only one candle for the years to come without having to buy!

- Luminous flux: 4 lumens
- Lifespan: up to 1000 hours
- Timer function: 4 hours
- Battery operated: 2x R14 type-C
- Diameter: ø 7.6 cm
- Available sizes (height):
> Large: 23 cm
> Medium: 18 cm
> Small: 13 cm

- Imitates the flashing of a real flame
- Is a real candle deceptively genuine u. similar to confusingly
- Safety: Do not worry about fire!
- Practical 4 hour timer function with auto power off
- Very long life of up to 1000 hours of a battery cycle
- Battery operated with 2 pcs. R14 Type-C
- Available in 3 sizes (diameter x height):
> Large: 76 x 230 mm
> Medium: 76 x 180 mm
> Small: 76 x 130 mm
End with the constant buying of classic wax candles! Now you have a single candle for the coming years which will not go out so fast - and all without any risk of fire, odor or faint wax contamination.