Samsung Galaxy S5 / S5 Neo

Samsung Galaxy S5 / S5 Neo

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The HardGlass bottom has been enriched with Anti-Crash anti-riot film. This multi-layered structure increases resistance to cracking, similar to the glued anti-burglar glass.
Thanks to hardening at 420 ° C, the glass has a hardness of 9H, which means that HardGlass can not be scratched with steel (keys, coins or a knife).
3mk HardGlass gives a tactile impression, the closest to the use of the screen itself. It is also easier to remove fingerprints from the screen surface.

Thanks to the rounded edges in 2.5D technology and the low thickness of 0.3 mm, the comfort of using HardGlass is so high. Thanks to the Fit-In ™ positioning stickers that help to precisely set the HardGlass on the display, the glass application runs quickly and efficiently.
The perfect fit was achieved thanks to specialized measurement and production technologies.

- Greater resistance to cracking
- Highest 9H durability
- Perfectly slippery oleophobic layer
- High comfort of use
- The fastest assembly
- Precise fit

- Tempered glass - 1 piece on the front
- Innovative Dust-Fix ™ sheets
- Moistened cloth
- Fit-In ™ stickers for easy assembly
- Specialist Anti-Bubble Card
- Manufacturer's packaging
- A proof of purchase
- Warranty: 2 years

- Bottom enriched with Anti-Crash anti-riot sheet
- Highest 9H durability
- Touch sensations closest to the use of the screen itself
- The glass application runs quickly and efficiently
- Perfect match
- High comfort of use

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